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    Friday, December 21st, 2012 10:23 am

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  • Piper and Trig Palin's Hallowe'en Costumes (Pictures)

    You can hear what Sarah Palin really has to say is when she is live on Fox News. I enjoyed her speech a few minutes ago in Pennsylvania. We don’t often get to see her introducing her family.

    Piper and Trig were wearing Hallowe’en costumes. Sarah said Piper could hardly wait to dress as a Snow Princess, and you could tell how pleased Piper was to be wearing the pretty white costume. As usual, she stood there as good as gold during the speech, enjoying every minute.

    Trig was a cute little elephant. You could see him sucking his thumb while in Willow’s arms during Sarah’s speech.

    Piper Palin as Snow Princess
    Willow holding Baby Brother Trig
    Trig is dressed as a little elephant with pink satin ears
    (Photo courtesy of Associated Press)

    Baby Trig as an Elephant

    I love the fact that the Palin family is one that STAYS together, unlike the Obama family. Michelle Obama is proud to say she CALLS her girls on the phone every night.

    Here are some new photos of the Palins.

    Sarah Palin and Piper

    Sarah Palin and Daughter Piper

    Sarah Palin and Piper

    Sarah and Piper Palin

    Piper whispering to her Mom

    Willow, Piper, and Sarah Palin

    Piper resting beside her Dad

    Todd and Sarah Palin and Piper

    Photos Courtesy of Yahoo News.

    For more Palin Family pictures click here:

    And for pictures with commentary, click here:

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    6 Responses to “Piper and Trig Palin's Hallowe'en Costumes (Pictures)”

    1. GRD says:

      Saw the kids at the rally this morning. SO CUTE!!

    2. Coyote says:

      I blogged this, too, it was so sweet. I’m looking for a photo, too – if I find one I will give you a heads up.

      Let Those Eyes Sparkle and Shine:

    3. Sharon says:

      Thanks again, Carol!
      I wish you could vote for the US. ;)

    4. carol says:

      To tell you the truth, I really wouldn’t want to live in the United States. I like the freedoms I have here. :-)

    5. al says:

      Thanks Carol for the great PICs and website are there any pictures if Trig front view they are all so cute,


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