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    Friday, December 21st, 2012 10:23 am

    Hundreds of hurting people visit here every day, most of whom are searching for comfort after loss. Please reach out for emotional support as you begin the healing process. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to grieve. Let it out. May God be with you.

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    "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
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    Acts 16:31
  • I just say no to ultrasounds for my unborn babies.

    I have adamantly refused ultrasounds for all of my pregnancies, in spite of doctor and social pressure. It takes a lot of courage to say no. I would have consented if there were specific complications during my pregnancies. I have been telling mothers my concerns about ultrasounds since 1993 (during my first pregnancy when two landmark scientific papers were published). My babies’ birth weights have been in the 8, 9, and 10 pound range. Now, there are new studies that point to the risks of routine ultrasounds.

    Ultrasound ‘may harm foetuses’

    “Frequent ultrasound scans during pregnancy may result in growth restriction in the womb and the birth of smaller babies…”

    “‘Prenatal ultrasound by itself can no longer be assumed to be entirely harmless’.”

    “Ultrasound is widely used, but has never been studied through large controlled clinical trials.”

    Scientists to test ultrasound as a male contraceptive

    (I saw this when it came out and was thinking how ultrasound must certainly negatively affect unborn babies.)

    If ultrasound destroys sperm, why is it safe for a fetus?

    “Ultrasound is extremely damaging to the health of any unborn child (fetus).”

    Ultrasound: More Harm than Good?

    “Although ultrasound is expensive, routine scanning is of doubtful usefulness, and the procedure has not yet been proved to be safe, this technology is widely used, and its use is increasing rapidly without control…”

    “The World Health Organisation stresses that health technologies should be thoroughly evaluated prior to their widespread use. Ultrasound screening during pregnancy is now in widespread use without sufficient evaluation. Research has demonstrated its effectiveness for certain complications of pregnancy, but the published material does not justify the routine use of ultrasound in pregnant women. There is also insufficient information with regard to the safety of ultrasound use during pregnancy. There is as yet no comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment of ultrasound use during pregnancy, including: clinical effectiveness, psychosocial effects, ethical considerations, legal implications, cost benefit, and safety.”

    “WHO strongly endorses the principle of informed choice with regard to technology use. The health-care providers have the moral responsibility: fully to inform the public about what is known and not known about ultrasound scanning during pregnancy; and fully to inform each woman prior to an ultrasound examination as to the clinical indication for ultrasound, its hoped-for benefit, its potential risk, and alternative available, if any.”

    Ultrasound warning: procedure may harm babies’ brains

    “Ultrasounds could pose a threat to the development of unborn babies’ brains.”

    “Pregnant mice exposed to ultrasound gave birth to some offspring that suffered brain abnormalities…”

    “Ultrasounds are not only potentially damaging to developing brains,” added Mike Adams, a consumer health advocate, “they’re also extremely loud to the fetus. Amniotic fluid is an excellent transmitter of sound energy, and ultrasounds emit powerful sound waves. The long-term effect of this unnatural exposure to extremely strong sound energy is entirely unknown…”

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    4 Responses to “I just say no to ultrasounds for my unborn babies.”

    1. Adeena says:

      Definitely interesting.

      I’ve had u/s with all of mine. I had three with my first due to G/D, three with my second due to unexplained bleeding, two for #3, one for #4, and … like five or so with my last. Because I lost a baby in 2005 who had pelvic defects – no urethra or anus. I lost her at 20 weeks.

      So, they kept trying to check Hannah to see if she was okay… and she didn’t cooperate until the last scan at about 34 weeks! :)

      I just pray that they’re fine, and that there won’t be any lasting effects from the u/s.

      But I can’t say that I’d never have one again, if I ever got pg. again.

    2. MTJAM says:

      Gosh – I had two high risk pregnancies (both twin pregnancies) and lost count of the numbers of ultrasounds I had…

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    4. Samantha says:

      The facts you provide here are terrible indeed. I remember me having ultrasounds when expecting my Marry. I could not even imagine that I might have caused harm to her. May be, that is why she was so disobedient at that stage. I mean, she did not want to cooperate at all. You see, we always act like we are told to. Now I will think twice before having ultrasounds, if I have another baby.


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