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    Friday, December 21st, 2012 10:23 am

    Hundreds of hurting people visit here every day, most of whom are searching for comfort after loss. Please reach out for emotional support as you begin the healing process. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to grieve. Let it out. May God be with you.

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    “Condemnation without investigation
    is the height of ignorance.”
    Albert Einstein
  • Occupy Wall Street Trick or Treat

    | October 31, 2011

    Just After Halloween, 2011

    The behavior and criminal activity at the OWS protests are despicable.

    Hat Tip:

    A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be a very liberal Democrat, and among other liberal ideals, was very much in favor of higher taxes to support more government programs, in other words, redistribution of wealth.

    She was deeply ashamed that her father was a rather staunch Conservative, a feeling she openly expressed. Based on the lectures that she had participated in, and the occasional chat with a professor, she felt that her father had for years harbored an evil, selfish desire to keep what he thought should be his.

    One day she was challenging her father on his opposition to higher taxes on the rich and the need for more government programs. The self-professed objectivity proclaimed by her professors had to be the truth and she indicated so to her father. He responded by asking how she was doing in school.

    Taken aback, she answered rather haughtily that she had a 4.0 GPA, as she worked with other people in a group. Most of them were competent and they all worked more or less to the best of their abilities. However, due to the fact that she had formed the group, she got to distribute the grades and often saved the best for herself, based solely on the fact that she formed the group, rather than on individual performance and despite the fact that all the others worked just as hard and contributed just as much.

    Her father listened and then asked, ‘How is your friend Audrey doing?’ She replied, ‘Audrey is barely getting by. She hasn’t sucked up to anyone, nor has she been particularly ruthless. As a result, I’ve only given her a 2.0, despite her working just as hard as me. Her wise father asked his daughter, ‘Why don’t you go to the Dean’s office and ask him to deduct 1.0 off your GPA and give it to your friend who only has a 2.0. That way you will both have a 3.0 GPA and certainly that would be a fair and equal distribution of your GPA.’

    The daughter, visibly shocked by her father’s suggestion, angrily fired back, ‘That’s a crazy idea, how would that be fair! I formed the group! I had an idea that others, like Audrey, improved upon and then combined with their own ideas, then I took the credit and praise. I should be the one who gets the grades, even if the others are putting forth just as much if not more effort.’

    The father slowly smiled, winked and said gently, ‘Welcome to the conservative’s philosophy.’

    Hat Tip:

    Edited to add:
    *UPDATED* #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far

    Eye for an I

    | October 30, 2011

    I was saying, “” to C1 slowly, helping her repeat after me. For “I”, she kept pointing to her eye. LOL

    Our Evil Jack-o’-Lantern

    | October 30, 2011

    Got Snow? Blame My Kids!

    | October 30, 2011

    When I opened the blind this morning, I gasped! First snow of the season. The kids were very excited. Baby didn’t remember it from last year, so she was impressed. The three youngest got ready and went out to play.

    Here is C1 looking in amazement after I first put her down.

    And then looking down at the white stuff.

    C10 and L7 were very surprised to see the snow, but told us that they wished for it yesterday! Derek told them he would help them with their next wish.

    One more for the insiders.

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    From Sister Wives in America to Wife Sharing in India

    | October 28, 2011

    Shortage of women due to sex-selective abortion in India giving rise to ‘wife-sharing’

    “Flu vaccine stops influenza in only 1.5 out of 100 adults who get the shots”

    | October 27, 2011

    Shock vaccine study reveals influenza vaccines only prevent the flu in 1.5 out of 100 adults (not 60% as you’ve been told)

    “A new scientific study published in The Lancet reveals that influenza vaccines only prevent influenza in 1.5 out of every 100 adults who are injected with the flu vaccine.”

    In Advance

    | October 27, 2011

    “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

    All those difficult, frustrating, painful trials are part of the plan. Learn, and be used for His glory.

    October Surprise

    | October 26, 2011

    It was fun to surprise my ten-year-old daughter with a delightful afternoon. She and her seven-year-old brother dressed in their Halloween costumes. C10 brought her American Girl doll, Kate. We picked up two of her friends (also dressed up) and their American Girl dolls. We went to Walmart to go Halloween costume shopping – for the dolls!! C10 was thrilled. The girls picked out the doll outfits, and L7 got some Lego for his brother and himself. We stopped at McDonald’s for smoothies and Mcflurries before we headed to the park. The weather was lovely for October, and they played and played!

    Here are the dolls in their fairy princess costumes!

    “Circle of Trust” folks, click here.


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    Babywearing: The Answer to Crankiness

    | October 26, 2011

    If a baby is generally conflict free and happy most of the time, then it is much easier to deal with those rare days of teething or crankiness… Those are the times when babywearing pays off big time. Getting ahead of the game, by popping Baby in the sling or backpack keeps her distracted and comforted, especially when Mommy needs to keep up with the program. C1 even cheers when I get out the sling at home. This was yesterday when I had to get ready to go somewhere and nobody else could keep Baby content. The sling did the trick while I was putting on my make-up.

    Preparing for Winter

    | October 26, 2011

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