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    Friday, December 21st, 2012 10:23 am

    Hundreds of hurting people visit here every day, most of whom are searching for comfort after loss. Please reach out for emotional support as you begin the healing process. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to grieve. Let it out. May God be with you.

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    "Whatever you did to the least of these...
    you did to me."
    Matthew 25:40
  • Pregnancy, Natural Childbirth, Birth Comfort ~ Birth Comfort Ideas

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    The following ideas are personal birthing choices. They are not medical advice for your situation. Please discuss the matter with your childbirth caregiver.



    * Stay home in early labour
    * Stay home until you feel sure you are in well-established labour (know when it is necessary to go to hospital)
    * Rest between contractions

    Touch and Massage

    * Gentle, comforting gesture
    * Very light caressing (stroking with fingertips) on face, scalp, abdomen, thighs, etc.
    * Rubbing of a painful spot
    * Reassuring pat
    * Tight embrace
    * Hold hands
    * Hold head, shoulder, hand, foot, thigh firmly, without rubbing
    * Use massage oil
    * Massage perineum with olive oil
    * Rhythmic rubbing or kneading of back, legs, shoulders, etc.
    * Deep pressure, large tense muscles
    * Kneading (squeezing and releasing with the whole hand)
    * Massage the whole back, concentrating on the lower back and buttock muscles
    * Massage to either side of the spine, working upward and outward
    * Use small circular movements on areas of tension
    * During contractions, lightly massage tailbone area or place a hand across the lower spine
    * Scratch back
    * Stroke hair
    * Brush hair

    Counter Pressure

    * Husband presses his fist, the heel of his hand, or firm object (tennis ball, rolling pin, ice pack) against low back during contractions
    * Husband holds on to front of hips as pressure is applied
    * Press in different spots

    Baths and Showers

    * Birthing Tub
    * Immersion (natural bath oil)
    * Buoyancy
    * Warm bath with head support
    * Shower provides skin stimulation
    * Handheld shower head directed at abdomen or low back
    * For pinching, cramping feeling, soak in a warm ginger bath


    * Hot-water bottle, hot damp towel, or heating pad on low abdomen, low back, or groin during dilation
    * Warm blanket to relieve trembling during transition
    * Hot compresses on the perineum during birth


    * Cool damp washcloth to wipe brow and face between contractions
    * Ice bag or frozen wet washcloths to relieve low back pain
    * Roll can of frozen juice or frozen water bottle over back

    Food and Drink

    * Water
    * Ice chips
    * Fruit juice
    * Frozen treats (sugarless Mr. Freeze)
    * Bread
    * Crackers
    * Granola Bars
    * Fresh fruit
    * Other food and snacks


    * Labour on toilet
    * Use toilet at least every hour


    * Relaxing, soothing music
    * Sound of shower running

    Movement and Position Change

    * Change every 20-30 minutes
    * Move around
    * Find comfortable position
    * Walk
    * Stand
    * Lean on birth partner
    * Lean on wall, bed, nightstand
    * Sit
    * Semi-recline
    * Use a birthing ball
    * Use a squat bar
    * Squat (urge to push is signal to squat) then sit back or bend forward on knees
    * Squat against stool and pillows
    * Squat on toilet
    * Standing-squat
    * Kneel for back labour
    * Kneel on floor and lean on husband’s lap
    * Kneel, bending forward during contraction, helps rotation of baby’s head in pelvis when posterior
    * Get on hands and knees
    * Side-lying position


    * Focus on and relax each part of the body
    * Relax during contractions
    * Let body go limp during contractions
    * Release tension
    * Relax between contractions
    * Relax eyes
    * Relax arms
    * Relax perineum
    * Relax bottom
    * Do not clench teeth
    * During contraction, let go of all abdominal muscles to look 11 months pregnant
    * During contraction, let uterus “hang out”
    * Do not brace for a contraction
    * Let go
    * Don’t hold breath
    * Let body take over and do what it has to do
    * Relax mind and muscles

    Attention Focusing

    * Look at husband, something else
    * Listen to his voice, music, soothing sound
    * Focus on his touch, massage, caress, focus on goal
    * Concentrate
    * Focus on pictures you prepared


    * Visualize something positive, pleasant, relaxing
    * Floating over the crest of a wave
    * Climbing up and down a mountain with the contractions
    * Waterfalls, streams, beaches
    * Soaring like a seagull above the waves of contractions
    * Visualize labour
    * Opening of cervix
    * Flower opening
    * Replace negative thoughts with positive images
    * Visualize favourite foods


    * Request privacy
    * Limit distractions
    * Reduce sensory stimulation
    * Favourite scents

    Verbal Expressions

    * Talk through contractions as long as possible
    * Call a friend
    * Groan
    * Sigh
    * Moan
    * Hum
    * Yell out
    * Have a good cry – release tension, allow labour to proceed
    * Sing
    * Say verses
    * Pray


    * Let it happen
    * Your body can do it
    * Encouraging words
    * This far along, drugs won’t help
    * Remember baby
    * It doesn’t get worse than this
    * Trust instincts
    * Sensations are normal, not dangerous
    * It is made to let the baby through
    * Work with body, not against
    * Do not be afraid
    * Think “open!”
    * One person works hard, while everybody else stands around watching
    * A cheerful spirit is health to the body and strength to the soul
    * Inhale peace, exhale tension
    * Take your time
    * Trust your body
    * Encourage your baby to come out

    Back Labour

    * Keep off back
    * Spend time on all fours, on knees, or knee-chest position
    * Pelvic rocking or swivel pelvis
    * Keep moving
    * Immerse in water
    * Shower jet
    * Counterpressure
    * Back massage
    * Hot or cold compresses


    * Put natural massage oil on baby’s bottom to make it easier to clean meconium.
    * Drink lots of water after delivery.
    * We personally chose to use oral vitamin K (not a shot) for baby.

    The above ideas are personal birthing choices. They are not medical advice for your situation. Please discuss the matter with your childbirth caregiver.

    For more on this topic, choose from the following:
    Essay ~ Bible Verses ~ Quotes ~ Blog Posts ~ Books ~ Birth Plan ~ Birth Comfort Ideas ~ Miscarriage

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    1. Mandy says:

      I love all of your information on Natural Childbirth and want so much to be able to print it out. As the mother of 5 and 4 of them are under 5 it’s so hard to get in front of the computer so I prefer to be able to print it out so I can actually concentrate and in the case of the scriptures meditate on them. But I can’t hightlight them in order to print them. Do you have anyway of allowing me to do that?

      Thanks for your wonderful information.


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