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    Friday, December 21st, 2012 10:23 am

    Hundreds of hurting people visit here every day, most of whom are searching for comfort after loss. Please reach out for emotional support as you begin the healing process. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to grieve. Let it out. May God be with you.

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    "Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?"
    Galatians 4:16
  • Snow in the Yard Mid-December

    | December 28, 2009

    Decorating for Christmas 2009

    | December 28, 2009

    C8 and L5 decorating the little ceramic tree from Grammy G.

    The Fisher-Price Nativity Scene

    Our Teddy Bear Christmas Tree

    This year, I surprised the children with their own trees for their rooms.
    The pink is for C8 of course.

    B11 and L5 have the blue one in their room.
    The little trees add a new tradition.

    Pippin and Gem

    | December 28, 2009

    Early one morning, I woke to find our cat watching the moon on the river. This picture does not do it justice because the flash shows the inside which was dark, but the outside was truly breathtaking. No wonder Pippin loved staring at it.

    (I took several pics and combined two to get the best idea.)
    Pippin (will be 4 in March)

    Gem (will be 11 in February)

    Autumn in Atlantic Canada

    | December 27, 2009

    More September Pictures Set 2

    | December 26, 2009

    September Pictures of the Children Set 2

    | December 26, 2009

    I only posted pictures up to the end of August 2009, so I thought I might catch up a little. Most of the posts will be private, but I will publicly post some of the pictures of the children with their backs to the camera, as well as scenery.


    | November 14, 2009

    For those who feel sad when people invite you to be their Facebook friend, but then block you from their updates… UNFRIENDED…




    I’ve been unwanted before it’s true
    And uninvited a time or two
    Today I’m feeling unusually blue
    I’ve been unfriended by you

    The hourly updates on your activities
    Your joys, your pain, your sensitivities
    All of the parties you have attended
    No, I’ve been unfriended

    I had twenty-nine friends, an old high school buddy,
    A couple of guys from Adult Bible Study,
    Neighbors, and cousins, a high school classmate,
    And then one morning I had sixty-eight.

    The list of your friends: 3000 and growing
    Three thousand folks who think you’re worth knowing
    You’re a popular person, you don’t need me
    You’ve got Carla and Nicholas Sarkozy

    Unfriended, where can I go?
    Back to the people I used to know.
    The women at church, the guys at the bar,
    They could try to unfriend me but I know where they are.

    I offered you friendship when I saw you online
    I thought you’d become a true friend of mine
    You posted a comment, I thought we were close
    But now I am toast.

    I feel like I’m back in my high school cafeteria
    And I get the cold shoulder and I’m sent to Siberia
    And no one will talk to me, nobody, none,
    I once was befriended but now I am Un.

    How could you do it, just delete my name?
    I’m not a left-winger, nor an old flame,
    I’m not a stalker and you’re not a star,
    But now I’ll expose you for the jerk that you are.

    You know it’s inevitable that we will meet
    In real time on an actual street
    I’ll be so cool — OMG — how sweet.
    And I’ll look away as I press delete.

    Unfriended, boogers on you
    You and all the friends you knew
    Have just been unfriended too


    | November 6, 2009

    I knew I was different. After being active on the web for about the past ten years, I realize I am more unique than I thought. ;-) Funny about that.

    View From Our House

    | September 22, 2009

    Canoeing on a Summer Evening in Canada

    | September 22, 2009

    B and Papa

    N and Nana

    N15 and C

    Matthew and S5

    Derek and L and Me

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