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    Friday, December 21st, 2012 10:23 am

    Hundreds of hurting people visit here every day, most of whom are searching for comfort after loss. Please reach out for emotional support as you begin the healing process. Be patient with yourself. Allow yourself to grieve. Let it out. May God be with you.

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    "Your descendants shall gather your fruits."
  • Hodge Podge of Parenting Links

    | February 11, 2012

    The links are starting to pile up, so I will just put all the parenting related ones here with little or no commentary.

    Study: Breastfeeding Strengthens Children’s Lungs

    “…Breastfeeding strengthens children’s lungs, even if the mother has asthma.”

    That’s because the breastfeeding child will be more attached, more with the mother, and as a result will likely have fewer scare conflicts. GNM says scare conflicts/frights affect the lungs.

    Skip the Strained Peas. Let Babies Feed Themselves

    “Babies who learn to feed themselves early on may develop healthier eating habits and be less likely to become overweight.”

    YEP! Did this with all five babies.

    Suffer little children: US evangelicals are twisting the Bible to say that beating the young is a Christian doctrine

    “The Pearls believe that salvation only comes through punishment and pain. God punishes his Son with crucifixion so that humanity might not have to face the Father’s anger. This image of God the father, for whom violence is an expression of tough love, is lodged deep in the evangelical imagination. And it twists a religion of forgiveness and compassion into something dark and cruel… What Jesus said about those who would harm children comes inevitably to mind: ‘It would be better for them if a millstone was hanged about their neck, and that they were drowned in the depth of the sea.’”

    Mom’s Love Good for Child’s Brain

    “School-age children whose mothers nurtured them early in life have brains with a larger hippocampus, a key structure important to learning, memory and response to stress…”

    How Pregnancy Changes a Woman’s Brain

    “Research suggests that the reproductive hormones may ready a woman’s brain for the demands of motherhood — helping her becomes less rattled by stress and more attuned to her baby’s needs. Although the hypothesis remains untested, Glynn surmises this might be why moms wake up when the baby stirs while dads snore on…”

    “Fetal movement, even when the mother is unaware of it, raises her heart rate and her skin conductivity, signals of emotion — and perhaps of pre-natal preparation for mother-child bonding.”

    Few Allergies in Unstressed Babies, Swedish Researchers Find

    ABSOLUTELY! That’s what allergies are about! They are caused by conflicts. Anything in your environment when you experience a conflict can go on to be an allergy trigger.

    Maternal Separation Stresses the Baby, Research Finds

    “Humans are the only mammals who practice such maternal-neonate separation, but its physiological impact on the baby has been unknown until now. Researchers measured heart rate variability in 2-day-old sleeping babies for one hour each during skin-to-skin contact with mother and alone in a cot next to mother’s bed. Neonatal autonomic activity was 176% higher and quiet sleep 86% lower during maternal separation compared to skin-to-skin contact.”

    Be a mother and comfort your child. PLEASE!


    | January 6, 2012

    This is what I’m doing right now…. Sooooooo thankful for my lifestyle…. Soooooo glad I can stay home…. And that my kids can stay home, too…. So thankful to have learned about attachment parenting 18 years ago.



    Grocery Shopping With My 15-Month-Old

    | December 5, 2011

    At the grocery store, I wear C1 in a ring sling in a sitting/standing forward position so her hands can grasp the shopping cart handle. I don’t have to worry about her falling out of the shopping cart, and I have room for all the groceries needed for a “big” family. She loves to push the cart. I often pass her items or let her get things off the shelves, and she puts them in the cart. We meet a lot of people who want to talk to her and hold her hand. When we get to the check-out counter, she helps get things out of the cart and put them on the counter. Her favorite part is after waiting… and waiting… and waiting… for it to change from “Do Not Remove This Card”, she gets to haul the credit card out of the little machine. Then the check-out lady gives her the receipt.

    C1 is an excellent shopper (as were all my babies/toddlers). I believe that is because she has always been carried, always been included, always been treated as a person. She is not stuck in a car seat. She is not stuck in a cart. She is not stuck at home with a babysitter. She is learning about real life.

    The most common question I get when people see me wearing C1 in a sling is, “Isn’t she heavy?” Uh, yeah. But you sort of have to carry your 15-month-old child. I mean, seriously, if I have to make a bunch of stops – to the bank, to the post office, etc. I can’t leave her in the vehicle. It would be crazy to drag a stroller. Why wouldn’t I choose a way to carry her that leaves my hands free? (What on earth do other mothers do?!) Very importantly, babywearing also keeps C1 content in “her spot”. She knows her place and does not struggle to get down which she would do if she was simply in my arms. Today, I had to take the van to get it inspected. C1 had just fallen asleep in her carseat. I put her in the sling and she slept the whole time in the waiting room.

    Babywearing makes mothering so much easier, assuming you don’t prefer to get a mother substitute.

    “Quebec to ban prayer in home-based daycares”

    | November 26, 2011

    Quebec to ban prayer in home-based daycares

    “Jean Charest’s Liberal government issued a directive last December stipulating that government-funded daycares must not offer any activity that aims to teach a belief, dogma, or practice of a particular religion.”

    “The directive, which took effect June 1st, banned religious prayers, crafts, and songs – including many Christmas carols…”

    “Now the Ministry of Families and Seniors has indicated they will extend the ban into home-run daycares that are subsidized by the government.”

    Not-a-Princess Pelosi on Daycare and Catholics about Abortion

    | November 23, 2011

    ‘Princess Nancy’ Pelosi calls Cain ‘clueless’; vows to do more for child care

    Daycare: “At the top of her to-do list, she says, will be ‘doing for child care what we did for health-care reform.’”

    Abortion: “‘I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it … but they have this conscience thing.”

    Look out…

    Come On Over to the Other Side

    | November 10, 2011

    The Secret that Makes Housewife Blogs So Irresistible

    “There’s a reason that people who work are paid to do so: It’s a sacrifice. Their salary is a compensation for the fact that they’re taking time out of their real lives to be there.”

    “My life as a stay-at-home mom of five young kids is much more challenging than my life as a single working woman was.”

    Hat Tip:

    Dirty Dishes ~ Scotty McCreery

    | November 9, 2011

    Scotty McCreery – Dirty Dishes (Yahoo Music Session)

    Dirty Dishes ~ Scotty McCreery

    Mama hollers “Supper time,
    And don’t make me tell you twice
    Wash your hands and wipe your face.
    The table’s no place for your toys,
    And try to use your inside voice,
    Don’t dig in ’til we say Grace.”
    So we put down our forks and bowed our heads
    And then she prayed the strangest prayer ever said:

    “Well, I wanna thank You Lord,
    For noisy children and slammin’ doors,
    And clothes scattered all over the floor,
    My husband workin’ all the time,
    Draggin’ in dead tired at night,
    My never ending messy kitchen
    And dirty dishes.”

    We all got real still and quiet,
    And daddy asked “Hon, are you alright?”
    She said, “Dear, ain’t nothing wrong,
    Noisy kids are happy kids,
    And slamming doors just means we live,
    In a warm and loving home,
    Your long hours and those dishes in the sink,
    Means a job and enough to eat.

    So I’m gonna thank You Lord,
    For noisy children and slammin’ doors,
    And clothes scattered all over the floor,
    My husband workin’ all the time,
    Draggin’ dead tired at night,
    My never ending messy kitchen

    For my little busy bees
    Beggin’ Mama, Mama can you please?
    Always wantin’ to call in vain
    Loads of laundry pilin’ up
    Their crayons crushed into the rug
    And in those little sticky kisses
    And dirty dishes,
    And dirty dishes…

    Hat Tip:

    If You’ve Been Told Your Job as a Mother is Worthless (That Has Been Told To Me Recently)

    | November 8, 2011

    “To be Queen Elizabeth within a certain area, deciding sales, banquets, labors, and holidays; to be Whitely within a certain area, providing toys, books, sheets, cakes, and books; to be Aristotle within a certain area, teaching morals, manners, theology, and hygiene. I can understand how this might exhaust the mind, but I cannot imagine how it could narrow it. How can it be a large career to tell other people’s children about the Rule of Three and a small career to tell one’s own children about the universe? How can it be broad to be the same thing to everyone, and narrow to be everything to someone? No: A woman’s function is laborious because it is gigantic, not because it is minute.” G. K. Chesterton

    New Parenting Links

    | September 14, 2011

    Spirit-Led Parenting : Laura’s Story

    “It was not an easy route to choose, but it felt like home, and I was free. Even in those weary nights, as I fed and rocked my baby through the fatigue and frustration, there was freedom. It was sweet, and it was good, and it was God.”

    Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child?

    “…The notion of inflicting physical punishment on children can’t be supported Biblically…”

    Bad parenting makes teenagers EIGHT times more likely to abuse alcohol, study finds

    “The amount of alcohol a child drinks as a teenager and young adult could be linked with how they were brought up, a study has found.”

    “Parenting style is one of the strongest influences on how much a child will drink, according to new research.”

    Motherhood as a Retreat From Equality

    “Here in Germany, the only adults populating playgrounds on any day of the week appeared to be mothers — often mothers with a university education who not long ago earned a respectable income.”

    “Of the several social insights to be gleaned from this comparison, one is surely this: French mothers work, and many of them full-time.”

    “The nanny culture seen in Paris is by no means unique. Indeed, in places like New York City and London, where the system of state child care is generally less developed than in France, nannies are also a common sight.”

    “What is striking is that in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, that nanny culture barely exists. Only 14 percent of women return to full-time work after having one child, and only 6 percent after Baby No. 2.”

    “In France, where about 60 percent of mothers with young children work, two-thirds of two-income families employ a nanny…”


    Attachment Parenting Science

    | July 20, 2011

    ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress Mayim Bialik a real-life scientist

    “Her research on these hormones, which are critical to the mother-child bond, helped her understand biological mechanisms involved in parenting.”

    “For instance, while some mothers complain about having to breastfeed their infants about every two hours all night, Bialik appreciates a deeper significance. The hormones that make a mom feel closer to her child get refreshed during breastfeeding. So if babies want milk every two hours, that guarantees a frequent rush of hormones that bond mother and child.”

    “Breastfeeding, sleeping close to your baby and keeping him or her close to you as much as you can are all part of the natural human process, she says. Bialik is also an advocate of “gentle discipline,” or not using physical force against children.”

    “‘We’re starting to see more and more research substantiating that children hurt when you hurt them,’ she said…”

    “For their two sons — “an almost-6-year-old and an almost-3-year-old” — she and her husband don’t use nannies, babysitters or daycare, and don’t even rely on family members to look after their children…”

    “The flexibility of the schedule of homeschooling, and the opportunity to spend time with their children for most of their day, appeal to Bialik and her husband…”

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